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Njabulo Nsibande is a founder of Village Trader, Sakha Ingcebo investment club, and a writer of a personal finance blog Cash Club for justonelap.com .


 I developed an interest in trading in 2016, the thought of making money by betting if a currency pair is going up or down gripped me, along with Instagram “fx traders”, I just saw freedom. I can make money from anywhere with an internet connection.


Randomly traded with no plan and without investing either than just saving money in cash. After watching Simon Brown thanks to YouTube algorithms. I placed my first investment in 2017 with Satrix 40 ETF.


After spending years loosing money trading I decided to start a podcast, where I will learn from other traders and improve my trading to become a consistently profitable trader

What we do


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Village trader is a podcast aimed at helping both new & experiment by learning from other traders and journal my journey and share that journey with my listeners

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Trading education

We provide trading education, from other traders and articles as well

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