Village Trader Episode 1 with Simon Brown

In today’s episode, we have Simon Brown.  Simon is the founder of an online financial education platform for investors and traders. He is a speaker, educator,  tv host, trader, and investor. Someone I look up to a lot as both a trader and an investor, I have certainly learned a lot from him
We discuss his time & experience as a trader. A career-spanning a couple of decades, dating back in the mid-90s.
He shares with us the importance of trading discipline, stop loss, risk management and the psychology around trading
Book recommendations/mentions
  1. Trend following – Micheal W Covel
  2. Trading in the zone – Mark Douglas
  3. Reminiscence of a stock operator – Edwin – Lefevre
  4. The complete turtle trader – Micheal W Covel
  5. Trade your way to financial freedom – Van K Tharp
  6. Fooled by Randomness – Nassim Teleb
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