Trading with a 9-5

It’s difficult to trade and have a 9-5 at the same time. However, it can be done. Robust trading systems and setups can within reason work across all time frames. Some though they work well across all time frames. They turn to work even better on the longer time frames than in shorter ones. Some the other way around.

Trend following setups turn to work better in the longer time frame in comparison to shorter time frames. Longer time frame trends are more meaningful than shorter ones and are less noisy. What seems like a strong trend on an Hourly chart may just be a pullback on a 4 Hourly chart or a daily chart. It pays to trade look at the bigger picture.

Every time frame has its advantages and disadvantages. And have different capital requirements. The longer the time frame the higher the capital requirement. They require different personalities as well.

I’m a purely mechanical trader. Nothing about my trading is subjective. In truth, I can code everything in. Well maybe my risk management, but even that is mechanical. I only risk 2% on any given trade. I trade the 7/21 System and the Lazy system. Both systems are based on moving averages.  At any moment when I look at a chart, I can within 5 seconds probably less know what I need to do and what I need to do is limited a few actionable items (wait, enter, exit). Whatever is it I need to do can be done within 5 minutes.

The above table shows how many times you need to look at the charts in relation to the time frame. The longer the time frame the less time you need in front of the charts. At the moment because I’ve limited myself to only trade the 7/21, and the Lazy. I chose the daily chart because the frequency reduces down to just once a day. Giving me ample time to do anything else either than looking at charts. Which does mean I can do my 9-5 work without having to worry about my positions or if I’m missing any opportunities

I’ve found time away from the charts makes me less susceptible to trading errors. Keeps me more disciplined to the process.

Don’t lose your job and money trying to day trade and work at the same time. And pick a time frame best suited for you that’s not conflicting with your work.

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