Village Trader Episode 18 with the Village Traders

In this week’s episode of the Village Trader podcast. We chatting


  • Trading errors
  • Refining a trading system
  • A trading system weakest link.
  • My expensive Shoprite trading error.


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1 thought on “Village Trader Episode 18 with the Village Traders”

  1. i like it when africans empower each other,,,, one thing that i did was to look for a system that gives me a lot of opportunities such that missing a single trade wont matter,,,,if we are hunting like crocodiles, we’re going to feel a missed buck,,, but if we hunt like wild dogs (amaganyani) we know a meal is around the corner,,,e.g my system can give me 10 trades ngesonto that i can risk 0,2% each instead of the 2% of a single trade
    there’s a thin line btwn psychology and an edge of a system, people that use daily charts e.g need @least 12-15 candles to know whether a trade is brewing or not, never mind making the trade,,,
    one metric i use is the number of setups that my system generates in a given market vs the trades that i took,,,e.g the market i look at is the JSE’s 100 stocks ,,,
    ke a leboha ka puo yahaho nesivakashi sakho, makwande

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