Village Trader Episode 21 with Lesegisha Mthiyane

2 thoughts on “Village Trader Episode 21 with Lesegisha Mthiyane”

  1. trading is not gambling but it attracts gamblers,,,,,
    a gamble is a finite play that one has no control over during the play,,,e.g placing a bet on a football match, one places the bet b4 kickoff, and never in control thereafter
    in trading, after placing the trade, i can choose to abort/ increase my size irregardless of the duration of my play,,,
    in gambling, the casino is the seller, and everyone else is a buyer and the price is discreet
    in trading, a deal involves a buyer and a seller, making them both, equal players in the casino,,,,,

    thanks a lot Njabs, love your podcasts

    1. You could not have said it any better my friend. It’s only when we trade with a lack of discipline that we are gamblers instead of owning the casino ourselves and bet on probabilities.

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