Village Trader Episode 22 with Simon Brown

In this week’s episode, we chatting with the founder of Simon Brown. We chatting on

  • Take-aways since starting to trade CFDs again
  • Lessons
  • Discipline
  • Money management

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2 thoughts on “Village Trader Episode 22 with Simon Brown”

  1. took Simon Brown, 4-5 years to break even during an era of high commission costs (1995 – 2000), using charts that were expensive to get, no internet, or horrible one at best,,,,,
    us who are trading in 2020 can only be grateful, the trading school fees is now cheaper, commissions are next to nothing 0,20% round trip at and others, charts are less expensive or free, i can go back many years into historical data using and backtests my strategies easily,,,, am grateful to be living in these times,,,

    indeed patience and discipline are pillars in any endeavor, discipline in preparation, execution, management and post-mortem analysis,,,,

    ke a leboha Njabulo, this interview was tooooo short ,,,, makwande

    1. Sibonge Evans.

      Yeah we’re trading in a much better environment. perhaps a little too good and too easy, which can cause some il-discipline in the trading. For my biggest takeaway is how important money management is, because we started with a horror run, but because of money management, we live to fight another day to see the run of winning trades. lol I will get him again for a slightly longer show.

      Makwande Mhlanhlandlela thank you for you continued support

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