Week 07 – 11 December 2020

Coronation Fund Managers

Coronation looking like it wants to break out. The share has been stuck in the 4442c and 3771c range for a long time. The 30 Week EMA is only 66c away from crossing above the 60w EMA. A close above 4575c confirms the trade.

Sibanye still water

Sibanye looks quite bullish with a bullish rectangle flag. Waiting for a break above 5760 and a close above 5933 confirms the breakout. If the breakout trade does confirm it would mean the share is making a new all-time high.


We have a nice head and shoulders pattern. Waiting for a break above the 13472c neckline. My target using the height of the distance from the head to the neckline, projected upward is 11839c. We had a bullish divergence when the left shoulder and head were formed.

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