Shopping list 9 November 2021


The stock moved to a higher box. I raised my stop loss to R186.62 raising my profit to +1.4%

Adding another 1% risk to the position.

Richemont 4.3 Shares, stop loss R186.62.


The stock broke the R52.95 resistance I will rebuild my position

Coronation 22 Shares, stop loss R49.90

Royal Bafokeng

The stock finally broke the R118 resistance closing the day at R121. I will be rebuilding this position

Royal Bafokeng 4.6 Shares, Stop loss R106.50



The stock broke into a higher box. raised my stop loss to R67.33. Increasing the profit to +7.19% from 5.79%. I’m adding another 1% risk on the position
Investec 9.2 Shares, stop loss R67.33

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