It’s difficult to trade and have a 9-5 at the same time. However, it can be done. Robust trading systems and setups can within reason work across all time frames. Some though they work well across all time frames. They turn to work even better on the longer time frames than in shorter ones. Some the other way around… Read more


So, I designed an experiment with my niece to see the impact risk management has on a trading system. To ensure the odds are on her favor, I gave her a 1:2 risk: reward system over 30 tosses.

She had to guess on the landing on the flip of coin, wining twice as much as she bet when she guessed right, and only loosing as much as she bet when she guessed wrong. With 50% probability of winning on each toss, over 30 coin tosses she should be profitable…. Read more


“It takes a lot of showing up, for you to be lucky” – Krista van Heerden.

As a trader this is a concept you need to familiarize yourself with. We often hear overnight success takes 10 years Read more



Many professional traders recommend some screen time, as it helps develop an intuition and an edge. Getting sufficient screen time takes a lot of time. As swing trader, getting your 10,000 hours in actively can take years…. Read more


Many successful traders regard position sizing as the holy grail of risk management, ultimately of trading successfully. Essentially it’s the quantity of the chips you want to bet on a trade, and is related or at least should be related to how much you want to risk on that trade.


A trade at least in the beginning has 4 primary componentsRead more