Bidvest (BVT) Head and Shoulder Trade plan

Head & Shoulders

We have a Head and shoulders pattern on the Bidvest chart. 


Looking to long the stock the break of the neckline at around R144 with the stop just above the right shoulder.


Target is the R159 (The height of the head)


Perfect Trade

  1. Did I get the signal (Head and Shoulder pattern)
  2. Did I get the confirmation (price breaking and closing above R144
  3. Did I enter as the plan (if the price breaks and closed above R144)
  4. Did I set my stop loss when entering (Lower than the lowest low of the right shoulder)
  5. DId I set my position size correctly (2% / Risk)
  6. DId I monitor my trade well (updating the stop when necessary)
  7. Did I exit as per the plan (Target or Stop)

 Trading view idea:

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