1 thought on “Village Trader Episode 23 with Simon Brown”

  1. what’s your trading bizness goal Njabulo? that question will clarify what kind of mentor or mentors to have,,,,
    i love Simon Brown, his strengths are risk management, simplicity(his lazy system) and less screen time,,, i heard him a while bay on Summittv now Businessday tv saying he was a trade unionist in the 90s, if i heard him correctly,,,,
    you having a lot of trades might also mean you want something like what storm-trading or SMB Capital is doing, there’s nothing wrong with many trades so long you making money in the long run,,,,Jim Simons and his Rainasance have hundreds of trades each day lasting 2 days at most,,,,

    myself, i wanna build something like SMB Capital, the following are my mentors
    1. Bayinnah Bello, since am black living in a world that suppresses my intelligence, she teaches me my true african history
    2. James Clear, habit formation and incremental growth
    3. Brett Steenbarger, the psychology and my decision making
    4. Mike Bellafore, how to build a proprietary firm ,,,,

    makwande mfowethu, i love your dedication to your craft

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