Weekly chart analysis week 15 February 2021


The stock broke through the 21600c resistance level. Now I’m waiting for the confirmation, a close above 22000c about 3% higher than the resistance. Taking into account the box theory the share is now moving into 22000c – 25100c box from the 19800c-21600c box.

Multichoice group

The stock looks quite strong at the moment. We had a nice bullish engulfing candle last week, and this week’s close is higher than the engulfing candle. I’m looking for a break and close above 13900c. The share looks like it wants to move from 10800c – 13500c box to the 13500c – 16100c box.

Aspen Pharmacare

The stock has been moving steadily upward moving to higher boxes. At the moment looking good to break the 14750c resistance. Moving to the 14700c – 18600c box from the 10800c – 14700c. I’m waiting for a close above 15000c, then I will add into my position on Aspen.


Clicks looking to break to the 25700c – 28100c box from 23300-25700 box. I’m waiting for a 3% break from the 25700c resistance. Looking for a close above 26400c. I will enter the position and my stop half way through the 23300c-25700 box.


Coronation seems to be making up for spending quite some time in the box 3700c – 4400c.. The stock broke to the 4400c – 5100c box and quickly closed into the 5100c-5800c. I’m waiting for a confirmation, a close above the 5263c, then I will add into my position with a stop half way through the 4400c-5100c box.


Exxaro looks quite strong at the minute. Breaking into higher boxes with speed and momentum behind. The stock didn’t stay for too long in the 14000c – 16000c box. After it broke from the 12000-14000 box where it stayed for some time. The stock quickly moved to the 16000c – 18000c box. Now I’m waiting for the break through the 180 resistance to add into my position.

The Spar Group

Spar has been in the 15100c – 21200c box for sometime now it has been in the box since 2015. I’m waiting for the break of this range.

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