Weekly chart analysis 7 March 2021


Moves to a new box, but the 30w EMA is still below the 60w EMA. The two are quite close from crossing.



The 30w EMA is now above the 60w EMA.. Still dancing in the R197 – R218. I’m placing a limit slightly above the. 220.42 multi week high at R220.50 with a stop for the moment at 204.43.

This may change as time lapses. I might adjust my stop and accordingly change my position size as well.

Account balance :R7232

2% maximum risk: R144.64

Entry: R220.50

Stop loss: R204.43

Risk per share: R16.07

Quantity: R144.64 / R16.07 = 9




Average entry: R72.50

Stop loss: R99.02

Quantity: 4

Risk: +R106.08 (+ 1.46%)

We have a nice bullsh flag on Distell. As the stock moves to the R111 – R124 box from the R99 – R111 box. We have a nice bullish flag breakout


Absa group


No position in the market

Absa moves to the R122 – R148 from the R96 – R122. However, the 30w is still below the 60w EMA.. Waiting for those to cross first. Before I can take any trades.


African Rainbow Minerals


Average entry: R271.10

Stop loss: R258.57

Quantity: 8

Risk: -R100.24 (- 1.38%)

The stock is currently just dancing in the R265 – R 303 box. Waiting for a to break the R303 – R345 box. I’m placing a buy entry at 306.80, just above the R306.78 multi week high. With a stop loss at break even at R271.10 for now. This may change, I may move the stop loss and adjust the position size accordingly


Aspen Pharmacare

The stock is moving to the R150 – R167 box from the R127 – R150 box. I added to my position at R150.99, pulled my stop to R134.75




Average entry: R49.25

Stop loss: R47.22

Quantity: 47.3

Risk: -R96.02 (-1.32%)

The stock has been moving nicely currently in the R44 – R52. We are looking to add to my position as the stock moves to the R52 – R56. At the moment R48.62 looks like a good place to put my stop. Which will reduce the current risk exposure to about R30 (0.4%) of my balance. Giving me freedom to add an additional 2% risk to the trade.



No position in the market

The stock had a strong day on a on Friday closing inside the R680 – R792 breaking out of the bull flag. I wanted to enter the trade on the break. However the stock ran away from me, I was going to add into the position as it moves to the R680 – R792 box. I’m going to take the trade market open on Monday.

Trade mechanics

Account balance :R7232

2% maximum risk: R144.64

Entry: R680.4

Stop loss: R615.54

Risk per share: R64.86

Quantity: R144.64 / R16.07 = 2.2

Northam Platinum.


Average entry: R207.69

Stop loss: R208.89

Quantity: 7.4

Risk: +R8.88 (-0.12%)

The stock is currently flirting with breaking to the R250 – R282. Waiting for a close above R251. and I will trail my stop to R223 which would break even for my last trade in the stock. This will protect the overall R113 (+1.6%) of my balance. Giving the freedom to risk 2% of my balance.


Account Summary on 06 March 2021

Capital invested: R9 000

Current Balance: R7 232.64 -19.64%

Current Equity (Balance including paper P&L): R11 612.58 29.03%

Current P&L : R4 379.94

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