Village Trader Episode 26 Kearabilwe Nonyana

In this week’s episode, we chatting with Kearabilwe Nonyana. We chatting on


  • His journey into the financial markets 
  • Trading fundamentals 
  • Risk Management
  • Trading results

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1 thought on “Village Trader Episode 26 Kearabilwe Nonyana”

  1. i find it interesting that some traders are afraid to short the markets,,, its not like you will be shorting to zero,,,,,the red candlestics are proofs that markets are shortable, the big job is to know where to exit and sound risk management,,,,
    indeed, to know the fundamentals of what one’s trading is helpful, i also love trading individual shares,,,, but Jim Simons and his Renaissance Technology hedge fund will disagree with me,,,,
    makwande mfowethu

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